10/01/2013 Site Updates

Posted:10/01/2013 3:44AM

10/01/2013 Site Updates

Blog Post about the 10/01/2013 Website Updates.


Now that the website is slowly progressing into something actually functional, I have recently hit a little snag with my current Ajax system and the Google search engine. Yep, (the web savvy among you will likely guess that) Google requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compliance (or in other words they want your server to do all the hard work and provide fully generated HTML code without any JavaScript being executed on their part).

While I can not necessarily blame them for this particular sentiment since (after all) there are a number of exploitations floating around the web that are JavaScript based, no truly uniform and reliable standard across all browsers (especially since lightweight mobile browsers are becoming more popular), and a number of other commonly touted pseudo explanations that are frequently articulated among some of the more uppity web developers (like a proverbial cat with a mouse in its mouth) when this particular practice is questioned.

Nevertheless, despite being somewhat annoyed by this particular practice (but such is the life of anyone that currently works with client side Ajax web systems), I have started taking steps to add SEO support to my web system. Likewise, (on an unrelated note) I also added Python and Preppy template support to my Python CoffeeScript parser in order to migrate internal HTML code into a easily accessible place for future system changes.

Well, that is all for now!


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