08/13/2014 Site Updates

Posted:08/13/2014 9:30PM

08/13/2014 Site Updates

Blog Post about the 08/13/2014 Website Updates.


Hello, it has been a long time (approximately 4 months) since I have updated my website and I have a number of things to report.

To begin, my lengthy absence was the direct result of a series of profound life changing occurrences that happened to me very suddenly and quite concurrently as my beloved grandmother lost her battle with carcinoma cancer in March, I formally graduated from UNCC with my PHD in Electrical Engineering in May, and I have been very busy helping to handle my grandmothers estate while (albeit slowly) looking for full-time employment opportunities.

Conversely, (with this being said) now that I am starting to get a handle on the nuances of estate management, job hunting, and home ownership, I have decided to return my focus (once again) towards my website in an attempt to improve the abysmal state in which it currently exists. Likewise, (and under the recommendation of my web critical father) I have decided to redesign my website using the Gumby Framework in order to hopefully give it a more professional look (although I have already receive some criticisms from friends regarding my current purple color scheme, an attribute I might change in the near future).

Similarly, with the addition of a new HTML/CSS framework, I took some time to declutter my backend PHP engine and (with great apprehension) I also migrated to Ruby Gem with Compass and Claymate support in order to compile the Gumby Framework from scratch. Overall, the whole process has been relatively straightforward and enjoyable; however, i did hit a few snags from time to time that i quickly resolved using the power of Google.

Beyond this, I have revised all of the content on this website to make it Gumby Friendly and a number of minor content errors were also fixed as well. Likewise, I am currently working on adding a number of new items to the website and hopefully this content will be posted by the end of the week for everyone to enjoy.

Well, that is all for now!


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