Thingiverse Model: The Food or Object Pusher

Posted:03/09/2013 7:00PM

Thingiverse Model: The Food or Object Pusher

A 3D printable Food or Object Pusher Model that was made in OpenSCAD


From time to time, I share some of the 3D models I create with and this is one of those models.

This model is a food or object (such as paper) pusher that was originally designed to replace a missing food pusher for a meat slicer. Nevertheless, while performing preliminary testing (on this model) I discovered that this model functions extremely well as a feeder pusher for pages that have been cut from a book spine and fed directly into a HP automatic document scanner.

To elaborate on this attribute further, because the page feeder of most automatic document scanners tends to kick paper away from the feeder input (in order to ensure that the feeder only grabs a single page) this item provides enough cross-sectional weight to keep the book pages flush with the feeder input without jamming the input (when the feeder briefly kicks the paper stack away to obtain a new page).


When it comes to food you can never be too careful!

Please read about the type of plastic you are going to use in a food application and see if that plastic is harmful to eat or drink from.

Likewise, based upon the information I myself have found online, it appears that ABS plastic is the normal plastic used for most food applications and is generally considered safe to eat or drink from; however, there are several grades of ABS plastic available and some of those grades are safe for food or drink while others are not.

Furthermore, 3D printers have a tendency to leave small microscopic gaps and pits that can allow bacteria to grow inside the printed model that cannot be easily sterilized, thus a food safe sealant for the food safe plastic utilized is recommended to avoid this problem.



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