9/29/2013 Site Updates

Posted:9/29/2013 4:40AM

9/29/2013 Site Updates

Blog Post about the 9/29/2013 website updates.


I introduced a number of improvements to the Python website generator over the last few days.

First, after the Markdown code block system made me snarl (as multi-line code was not fully supported) I decided to create my own code block generation system. This system still needs some refinement to allow for easier copying and pasting of code segments (as I know a number of people will be annoyed at having to strip line numbers from code segments) and this refinement is on the to do list.

Second, a Markdown site-map generator was added and Google now sees my site-map.

Third, I fixed a JavaScript bug with the page switching system for the archive and finder pages.

Beyond this MathJax support and the Gallery is also in the works.

Well, that is all for now!


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