10/20/2015 Site Updates

Posted:10/20/2015 5:00AM

10/20/2015 Site Updates

Blog Post about the 10/20/2015 Website Updates.



It has been a rather long time (approximately 5 months) since I have updated my website and (over this lengthy period of time) I have made a number of updates (on both the frontend and backend) to make my website more pleasant (along with making the addition of new content a whole lot easier on my part).

To begin, I decided to migrate away from the Gumby Framework (because Digital Surgeons decided to retire this framework) to the ZURB foundation framework. So far, I like the overall look this transition brings to the website; however, I will likely tweak the theme somewhat as time progresses.

Likewise, I gutted my backend python-rendering engine and replaced it with a new python engine that supports a combination of Jade, Jinja2, CoffeeScript, and Markdown (in order to improve the content workflow process) and (as a result) I had to migrate my existing website content into this new framework which took some time to complete.

Equally, I also migrated from a custom php template engine to the php plate engine and this change required me to make some backend changes as well.

Additionally, I also decided to do a graphic refit of all content headers and I believe the website is now heading in the right direction both visually and functionally.

Well, that is all for now!


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