03/04/2014 Site Updates

Posted:03/04/2014 4:11AM

03/04/2014 Site Updates

Blog Post about the 03/04/2014 Website Updates.


Well folks it has been a while since I have updated my website (approximately 5 months) and I have a number of things to report.

First, my lengthy absence was due to me (in part) being focused upon writing my dissertation (along with helping to care for my grandmother who has cancer) and now that this epic task (completing the dissertation) is over (I as i defended last February) I now have time to work on my website again.

Second, the client based web system I developed (while being extremely cool) did not easily conform to current SEO standards that are prevalent amongst the biggest web search engines. Likewise, I decided to revise my approach and changed the back-end to a PHP SEO compliant system that is still based upon Scrivener and these revisions took some time to complete (Note: I will try to post more on this system later as I know some Scrivener users are eager to utilize something like my current web system).

Third, (while I have been rather busy over the last few months) I have inadvertently dabbled on a number of smaller projects ranging from creating new 3D printer models, examining things under a new USB microscope I acquired at Christmas, playing around with a RTL-SDR dongle, and writing a number of minor applications. Likewise, I am also working on writing up a number of new articles that will hopefully discuss each of these personal projects in depth (hopefully over the next few weeks).


Now that my SEO compliant web system is operational, I took some time to incorporate a number of new features that will (hopefully) give my site a more elegant look while (at the same time) also fixing a few minor site content issues.

Overall, the changes are as follows...

I incorporated the Google Code Prettify highlighter class into my web system in order to make my code segments look better and to allow for easy copying of my code segments since I fully endorse code snippeting (so long as you consider including a URL to my site in your code comments).

DemoString="here is an example of some python code"
for character in DemoString:
    print character

I also incorporated the MathJax Tex/LaTex formatter into my web system in order to make mathematical equations look more readable.

$F(x,\theta,\omega)=\int_{\theta\pi}^{\omega}\frac{\sin(2x)}{\sqrt{x+\frac{x}{2}}} dx$

Likewise, I fixed a link error in the VLSI Article and i also updated the Python Time Conversion Article and the Tektronix Oscilloscope Article to utilizes the new Google Code Prettify highlighter. Additionally, I also incorporated the jqPlot graphing plug-in into my web system in order to make data plotting easier!

Furthermore, I also incorporated the jCanvas drawing plug-in into my web system in order to make drawing figures from JavaScript easier!

Your browser doesn't support canvas

Likewise, I am also looking into adding a table colorizing plug-in and updating my profile information.

Well, that is all for now!


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