Thingiverse Model:  Whirlpool Part 358684 Strike Lid Switch Extension

Posted:04/11/2014 1:55AM

Thingiverse Model: Whirlpool Part 358684 Strike Lid Switch Extension

A 3D printable Whirlpool Part 358684 Strike Lid Switch Extension that was made in OpenSCAD


From time to time, I share some of the 3D models I create with and this is one of those models.

Recently my Whirlpool LSR8233JQO washing machine stopped entering the spin cycle and this left me in a bit of a predicament since the basket was full of water and I had no real way of easily draining it. Likewise, after investigating the washing machine timing unit (the complex and expensive part 3953146) and determining that it was more economical to either build my own timing unit from a raspberry pi and some AC relays or to buy another washing machine. I luckily discovered that the spinning problem can also occur because of problems with the lid switch (part 3949237).

Conversely, after examining the lid switch (noting that I decided to use a screwdriver to push the lid switch down since a complete disassembly of the washing machine would be required to gain access to this switch) the spin cycle started working again and I discovered that the switch striker (part 358684) that toggles the lid switch was not toggling the lid switch like it should.

While (at this point) some people might decided to disassemble the machine and address this problem more directly (and correctly), I opted to create a part (using my 3D printer) that would extend the switch striker (Part 358684) in order to fix the problem and my results are provided here.



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